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Brass Parts
Buy from us brass parts available in a range of sizes. The durable parts are corrosion resistant and can tolerate high temperature. This is why many industries prefer the brass parts. 

Brass Energy Meter Parts
The parts used in an energy meter are mostly made from high grade free cutting brass. The brass energy meter parts in nickel plating have a smooth surface finish. The assembly of these parts is very convenient. 

Brass Fuse Parts
Overload or over current are some of the electrical faults in any circuit which can be protected using an electric fuse. The parts used in a fuse are generally made from brass. The brass fuse parts, such as T type, kit kat, cut out, etc., are available in superior finish. 

Brass HRC Fuse Parts
A HRC fuse is responsible to stop the overcurrent in an electrical circuit and its parts are made from brass. Available in different designs and sizes, these parts can be supplied in desired coating, from natural, nickel plating or tin plating. 

Brass MCB Parts
The brass MCB parts in polished finish and tarnish free surface come with a guarantee of accurate dimensions and fast assembly. These parts are highly demanded in oil & gas, medical, aerospace, and many other industrial applications. 

Brass Turning Parts
This is a range of study and corrosion resistant brass turning parts that are less prone to damage. High grade free cutting brass is utilized in producing this range of parts as per industrial standards. 

Brass Nuts
The surface treated brass nuts can resist both wear and corrosion. Multiple parts can be fastened using such nuts. Engineering, automotive and almost all industrial sectors use these nuts can be availed in desired finishing and coating. 

Brass Terminal Blocks
The anti-corrosive brass terminal blocks are dimensionally accurate and of high strength. The durable parts have remarkable surface finish. 

Terminal Block
Two or more wires can be secured by using a terminal block. Our company supplies this connection terminal in brass material. We offer the simplest terminal block with one input and one output contact. 

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